The Dynamic Reader App


    The Dynamic Reader App* for Student eTextbooks and eMagazines

    The Dynamic Reader App lets students and teachers access their copies of student eTextbooks and/or eMagazines both online and offline. Allocated copies can be downloaded for offline use on up to 2 devices at any time. 

    Please note that you cannot use the app to access lessons or resources such as those found within the Teaching and Learning resource type, etc.

    Search for 'Dynamic Reader' in the Apple App Store for the iOS App or the Android Google Play Store for the Android App. The Apps are free to download, and you will be notified when updates are available to download.

    Frequently asked questions for the Dynamic Reader App:

    1. I can't log in with my details

    - You will only be able to log into the Dynamic Reader App if you have been allocated at least one Student eTextbook, OR at least one eMagazine issue. If you have been shared tests, lessons or other types of resources, you will need to log into your account on a supported browser instead. 

    - If you have definitely been assigned a SeT or an eMagazine copy by your tutor, please ensure that you first sign in on a browser on Dynamic Learning to accept the terms and conditions for using our site. You will not be able to log in on the App until this is completed first. 

    - Please ensure you are entering all the correct details - all elements of your credentials (username/email address, password and centre ID) must be correct. If you are a student and are unsure of your credentials, please ask your teacher. 

    2. My student e-textbook has disappeared from my app

    Check with your teacher that your allocation for the eTextbook hasn't expired. If it has, your teacher will need to allocate a new licence to your account for you to regain access.  



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