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    Student eTextbooks are downloadable versions of the printed textbook, purchased on a copy-by-copy basis and allocated to student accounts through Dynamic Learning. They can be accessed online via your browser or downloaded for offline usage via the Dynamic Reader App (for iOS and Android). 

    The allocations for a Student eTextbook are managed through the allocation menu for each title, which can be accessed by clicking on the blue 'Allocate' button. 

    Once opened, there are two lists. The right hand side list confirms which users currently have a copy allocated to their account. The expiry date for each user, which can vary for each allocation depending on the length of subscription and the date on which it was allocated, is also listed. 

    1. How do I allocate a Student eTextbook to a student?

    2. Can I register my students and allocate a Student eTextbook at the same time?

    2. How do I reallocate a Student eTextbook?

    3. How do I mass reallocate student eTextbooks?

    Frequently asked questions for Student eTextbooks:

    How does a user access their copy of a Student eTextbook?

    They will need to log into Dynamic Learning with their login credentials, or if they want to use their eTextbook for offline access, log in to the Dynamic Reader App.

    What happens to the student's notes when I reallocate their Student eTextbook to someone else? What would happen if I reallocated the eTextbook back to the original student?

    Student eTextbook notes are stored against a user’s cloud, and therefore are not lost when a Student eTextbook is reallocated to someone else. They do however lose access to those notes unless the eTextbook is reallocated back to them, or they are allocated a new licence. In both cases, the student’s notes for that particular eTextbook are restored to them.

    What happens on the expiry date/how do I renew?

    When the expiry date is reached, the student or teacher loses access to their eTextbook, unless another licence is allocated to them. If you have licences remaining, you can simply go through the allocation process from the beginning, to give them a new licence. 

    If you have no more licences remaining, you can either press the 'order more' button on the allocate menu to purchase further licences directly on Hodder Education, or you can get in touch with the local consultant for your area for help to place your order. You can then allocate the new licence to their account by following the normal steps for allocating a Student eTextbook. 


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