Whiteboard eTextbooks


    Whiteboard eTextbooks are online, interactive versions of the printed textbooks that are ideal for front-of-class teaching and lesson planning. 

    You can: 
    • Display interactive pages to your class 
    • Use the Lesson Builder to add double page spreads to lessons so they can be used in classrooms or for homework
    • Focus class attention by using the Zoom tool

    When using our Whiteboard eTextbooks, we recommend using our snap-to-zoom feature. This feature allows users to draw a square/rectangle with their mouse to zoom into a particular area of the textbook.

    This is in addition to the existing click to zoom feature which prompts the zoom scroller bar to appear. You can also use both zoom features in full screen mode.

    Link up your teaching

    Whiteboard eTextbooks are fully integrated with Teaching and Learning Resources so that all the relevant resources are readily accessible when you need them.  Whether you are presenting at the front of the class, or at home planning, you can access Teaching and Learning resources from Whiteboard eTextbook pages or pages of the Whiteboard eTextbook from the Teaching and Learning library of resources.*

    *You will need to subscribe to both the Whiteboard eTextbook and related Teaching and Learning Resources to take advantage of this feature.



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