Exam Question Practice


    Exam Question Practice gives you the flexibility to prepare your students for their exams throughout the year and is the ultimate tool for rolling revision in class or at home. 

    Teacher resources

    There are documents outlining the key changes to the specification and the assessment objectives, as well as revision planning and strategy, exam advice, and guides on time management and planning and how to get a better grade. 

    A fully interactive Whiteboard resource with two student responses, at different levels, examiner
    commentary and mark scheme.

    The Revision resource shows the question and the related component parts, student responses, examiner
    commentary and mark scheme. This resource can be shared with students by adding to a Lesson.

    This resource is a downloadable document which includes the question, student responses, examiner
    commentary and mark scheme. This can be shared with students by adding to a Lesson.

    Student resources

    The Homework resource is the only type that is available to students by default if you share access to the whole title with students. This resource shows the question, and sources, if applicable.

    How can I share all the 'Homework' exercises with my students? 

    You may want to share all the 'Homework' resources with your students so that they can revise in their own time. To do this, your students will need to have their own accounts for Dynamic Learning if they haven't been set up already. If they're already set up, open up the package and click 'share' on the Exam Question Practice resource you want them to have access to: 


    Then, you'll need to select the students you want to share access with by ticking the box by their name. You can use the search bar to help narrow down your results. When you're happy with the listing on the right hand side, select 'Save': 


    This will then give them access to all 'Homework' resources in the title. If you want them to access a specific 'Revision' or 'Word' resource, you will need to add them to a lesson and then share that lesson with your students. 

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