Permissions in Dynamic Learning


    User types

    In Dynamic Learning there are two account types: teacher accounts and student accounts. Within these two categories there are further types, as shown below. Depending on their account type, a user will have varying levels of controls and permissions when using the platform.

    All teacher accounts can view all the resources their school have taken out on trial or as a subscription, regardless of department or subject. Student accounts can only access the resources that have been shared with them.

    Teacher account types

    Please note: there can only be one User Manager/Access Coordinator. You can have as many Teacher Admin/Teacher accounts as you like, however. 

    Student account types

    • Student account
    • Generic student account*

    *A Generic account is a type that Dynamic Learning automatically creates so that more than one user can access the account at the same time.

    Generic Teacher login credentials are emailed to the order contact for every Dynamic Learning title. These credentials allow multiple staff members to log on concurrently to evaluate and use resources, and access the assessments and reports. They are not able to share any resources,nor can they access the Admin Hub for user management. 

    For a quick overview on the permissions of our main account types, take a look at the below chart. 


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