How do I create a group?


    Groups can be created via any Hodder Education Group application, and are shown in the Admin Hub with a note of where they were originally created and by whom, when they were last modified and how many students they currently contain.  All teachers can create and edit groups, but should be aware that their actions may affect other users.

    The list of groups can be sorted in ASC or DESC order on any column, and the filter pane will help narrow the results.

    To view and manage any group, double-click the group's row.

    You can create a new group in the orange group tab in the Admin Hub.

    To create a new group, click the New group button.

    Fill in the group name field and optional description. You can also give the group an 'owner', to help identify it later.

    To add students to your group, you can either double-click on the group row, or select it and click the ‘Populate group button’.

    You can quickly add in multiple students by using the ‘members of’ dropdown

     Select the dropdown and tick those you want to be part of your new group. After a few seconds they will appear on the right.

    Students can be members of as many groups as you require, but teachers can only be members of the ‘All teachers’ group.

    Save your group when you're finished.

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