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    If you've taken out a subscription to a resource that contains interactive tests, you can assign these to your students' accounts. This will then allow you to track their individual results and progress on each test. For guidance in how to create individual accounts for your students, please go here

    How can I quickly assign a test? 

    You can watch our quick guide video below, or continue reading for written instruction and help.

    From the title homepage, open your title:
    - Select Tests from the top navigation:

    - Select ‘Assign this Test’ through clicking on the cog icon by the particular test you wish to assign:

    - Select the Group
    - Use the calendar to give your students a time frame to complete the test
    - Click ‘Assign Test’

    From the package landing page
    - Click ‘Assign Tests’ in the Tests and Assessments Panel


    - From there, select the test you wish to assign, the group and the dates as in the instructions above.

    You can assign Tasks in the same way. Please note that Tasks, unlike tests, are completed on paper so these must be printed out.

    Can I assign tests in bulk? 

    You can use our Advanced Search to help you do this. Read more about how to do this with tests specifically here.

    How can I remove/unassign a test from a student? 

    • Click into the resource from which you assigned it
    • Click 'Test reports' in the blue 'Tests & Assessments' folder on the left hand side


    • Choose the title if applicable, filter the students by group if possible and click 'Marksheets & reports'
    • Find the student's name from the list and click on it (or you can use the search bar in the top right hand corner)


    • Select the 'To Do' tab and click 'Remove test' next to the test you wish to unassign:


    Please note that there is no method available for removing multiple assignments or removing a test from multiple students in one go at present.

    Can a student re-do/re-take their test?

    A student must be reassigned the test by a teacher in order to re-take the test. To do this, follow the steps above which outline how to assign a test. Please note: when a student submits a re-take of their test, this will overwrite the first set of results. We are unable to retrieve the original scores where a test has been re-taken and submitted. The test reports will reflect the number of times a test has been taken, however.

    If you are a student, please speak to your teacher so that they can reassign the test to you, should they feel it appropriate to do so.


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