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    Our interactive tests on Dynamic Learning are marked in two ways. The majority are auto-marked tests, while the rest require a teacher to review the answers and give a mark and/or feedback.

    Auto-marked tests

    These form the majority of our tests on Dynamic Learning. The answers submitted by a student are automatically marked, and the results are displayed instantly for the student to see. The results will also automatically appear in the reports for teachers.

    The screenshot below shows what the student will see when they receive their results. They can see the time it took them to complete the test, and have the option to review their answers for each question.

    Please note: the review option shows students the question and the answer they provided, and shows whether it was marked as correct or incorrect. However, it does not provide students with the correct answer. This means you can reassign them the same test.

    Feedback-required tests

    Some of our interactive tests require the teacher to review them before a mark can be given to the student. As such, when a student submits their answer for this kind of test, they will receive a notification telling them that their mark is pending.


    For a teacher, the pieces awaiting marking can be accessed by going into the applicable package, and clicking on 'Marking' under 'Tests & Assessments' to the left of their resource icons. The teacher who assigned that particular test would see a symbol to denote how many tests have been submitted for marking - however, any teacher can access the marking tray for any student by clicking on the 'marking' option here.


    If you are the teacher who assigned the test you will find the completed tests under ‘Received for me’. However, another teacher can mark the tests if necessary. They simply log in and proceed with the same steps, but choose ‘All received’ instead of ‘Received for me’ in order to mark any outstanding tests.

    To apply a mark, simply click on the student and test that you wish to submit a mark and feedback (if applicable) for:

    You can then apply a mark, and add some feedback for the student if made an option. There may also be an applicable mark scheme available to you. Select a score, add some feedback if available, and you can either choose 'Done marking' to submit the results, or choose 'Next answer' to mark the next available test in the marking tray.

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