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    If your students have being taking interactive tests on Dynamic Learning using their individual student accounts, you will be able to review and monitor their results and progress.

    To access this, you will need to be within the package to which the tests belong to. Our example chosen below is the AQA GCSE (9-1) Package. 

    Once within your package, you should find a section called ‘Tests & Assessments’ on the left-hand side of your resource icons. Click on ‘Test Reports’, the final option in this section.

    Once you’ve clicked on ‘Test Reports’, you have the option to filter for a particular group of students (see how to set up Groups here) and/or for specific subject units, if desirable.

    Alternatively, you can also keep these options unselected, and proceed by clicking the green 'Marksheets & Reports' button. Doing so will show you all the students that have been added to your Admin Hub, and will give you an overview of all of their test results:

    When you hover your mouse over the columns in the overview, a magnifying icon appears. Click on this to see the results for specific tests in more detail.

    You can use the search bar in the top right-hand corner of the page to search for a particular student. Clicking on a student’s name will present you with their individual report.


    The first tab contains a report of the tests they have taken and their results, and the second the student's to-do list. 


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