Useful phrases: A Glossary


    Access Coordinator: The highest teacher account type, that approves and rejects teacher access to a school's Dynamic Learning account. Also known as User Manager. You can find out more about the role here.

    Admin Hub: Our recently released user management system in which student and teacher accounts can be set up, edited and deleted.

    Allocation: Resources such as e-Magazines and Student e-Textbooks are bought on a copy-by-copy basis, and thus must be allocated to a user before they can gain access. 

    Dynamic Learning: Our online platform where digital subscriptions are hosted and from which they are accessed. 

    e-Magazine: A downloadable, interactive version of the print magazine issues, accessed through Dynamic Learning. These are allocated on a copy-by-copy basis. 

    Exam Question Practice: A resource type designed for student preparation, with exam-style questions, sample answers and examiner comments. 

    Generic Student: Generic Student login credentials are emailed to the order contact person for orders of Teaching and Learning Resources and Question Practice titles. These credentials allow multiple students to log on concurrently to view resources for a single title. 

    Generic Teacher: Generic Teacher login credentials are emailed to the order contact person for every Dynamic Learning title. These credentials allow multiple staff members to log on concurrently to evaluate and use resources, and access the assessments and reports.

    Hodder Education: Our company name, of which Dynamic Learning is a product. You can purchase Hodder Education products on

    Licence: Some of our resources are shared on a copy-by-copy basis, i.e. one licence per user who requires access. This is applicable for student e-textbooks and e-magazines, as well as Functional Skills Teaching and Learning resources. 

    Magazine archives: A resource type that allows you to access up to 25 years' worth of Review magazine back issues online, accessed through our Dynamic Learning platform.

    Student: An account type for students - students will only see the resources you share with them. 

    Student e-Textbook: A downloadable, interactive version of our textbook, which are allocated on a copy-by-copy basis. 

    Teacher Admin/Teacher Administrator: This teacher account type can create and edit Student and Teacher accounts, create personalised Lessons, set up and manage teaching Groups, view test reports, and share resources. 

    Teacher: Teacher accounts are the most basic level of teacher account type - they can create personalised Lessons, set up and manage teaching Groups with existing Student accounts, view test reports, and share resources. All individual Teacher accounts are able to access every title your institution has ordered a trial or a subscription for, with the exception of allocation based resources. 

    Teaching and Learning resource: A resource type to help plan and deliver lessons with a bank of ready-made flexible resources, lesson plans, self-marking tests and assessments.

    Usage Statistics: We can provide usage statistics for the magazine archive - please submit a help ticket with our support team, and we can get these to you by the end of the month. Please note we are unable to gather statistics on generic methods of access, such as through the direct access link

     Whiteboard e-Textbook: An online interactive version of the printed textbook designed for front-of-class teaching.





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