Data Security Fact Sheet - Hodder Education Group


    Hodder Education Group software applications and data are stored in a secure network of advanced and secure data centers based in the UK.

    Equipment and facilities are protected against fire, natural disasters, power failures, and other unexpected scenarios.


    • Multiple levels of security allow elevated levels of control for maintenance personnel without compromising security.
    • Built-in safeguards to prevent “Denial of Service” (DoS) attacks and ID spoofing are provided by load-balancing devices and services which are managed by the Hachette IT team from the UK.
    • Annual UK CREST and CHECK certified penetration tests to audit the data security and compliance of our systems and processes


    • We have two UK based Data Centres; a primary data center and secondary data center in case of an incident.
    • Redundant electric power feeds for data centres are used from separate utility substations.
    • Access to the Internet is obtained using multiple providers.
    • Advanced fire control systems enable the detection of heat and smoke. Fire suppression using current and approved fire suppression systems operate both above and below the raised flooring


    • Around-the-clock internal security monitoring is maintained with camera surveillance at all entry points.
    • Card-key entry systems admitting only authorized personnel are continuously logged and monitored.
    • Multi-zoned, multi-level keycard access controls and monitors all access into the data centers and internal areas.
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