How do I mass re-allocate Student eTextbooks?


    To reallocate Student eTextbooks, make sure that the students you are reallocating the copies to have their accounts set up in the Admin Hub. 

    Once a Student eTextbook has been allocated, it cannot be unassigned, but you are able to reallocate a particular copy from one user to a different user. Please note that the expiry date of that particular copy will remain unchanged. 

    Log in to Dynamic Learning and click on the ‘Allocate’ button on the title you’d like to amend.


    Then click on the ‘Mass reallocate’ button on the right hand side of the screen.


    You’ll be prompted at this stage to ‘Remove access from the users selected in the right-hand list, then grant it to users selected on the left’.

    You can either select all students on the right-hand pane or select individual users whose access you wish to revoke. Please note that the number of students being granted access must be the same as the number from whom you are removing access.

    Once you have selected an equal number of users on the left-hand pane, the ‘Reallocate’
    button will become available: 

    Hit the ‘Reallocate’ button and your mass reallocation is complete.

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