Limited access - approving teacher accounts


    When a teacher registers against your school on Hodder Education they will be able to sign in to Dynamic Learning, but won’t be able to access features that could contain any student information without being granted full access by the Access Coordinator. They will have 'limited access' to the site. 

    If there are users awaiting approval by the Access Coordinator, the Access Coordinator will receive a pop-up upon signing in to Dynamic Learning:

    To approve someone's access to Dynamic Learning so that they can access the Admin Hub and to fully use Dynamic Learning in sharing resources, etc., with any student accounts, choose 'approve' by their name.

    For anyone you don't recognise, you can choose 'reject', which will revoke their access to Dynamic Learning and they will be unable to log back in. If you then wish to delete their account, you can do so by following these steps.

    If you have accidentally rejected someone who should be approved, you can review your selection by clicking on the arrow dropdown by your name and choosing 'approve users', and then going to the 'review rejected users' tab to make any applicable changes. 


    The Access Coordinator can also review this in the Admin Hub under the green 'Teachers' tab, and selecting the applicable user, and either choosing 'Grant full access' or 'Revoke Access'.  If there are no users with 'Limited Access' status, this tab will not be visible: 


    If you have accidentally approved someone who should not have access to Dynamic Learning, you can go into the teacher's tab within the Admin Hub, select their record and choose 'revoke access'. They will then not be able to log in to Dynamic Learning with their credentials. Please note that this is not the same as having the account entirely deleted

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