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    If you click 'start systems check' if your browser and network setup will be tested for compatibility with Hodder Education Group websites and digital services.

    The Systems Check will show you the results of what we have found. Where you see green all is good, but if a section is marked in red there might be some action for you take. Just follow the advice and restart the test to see if it cleared. If the red sections remain then we advise you to contact your IT team. In our experience most issues are resolved by using the latest version of your preferred browser or asking your IT team to check the network protection at your school.

    You can share the report with our support team by clicking on 'Send to Support Team' button you will see near the top of the report. You will be asked for additional information, such as the site you are using and your school's Centre ID so please make sure you have this to hand if you'd like us to have a copy of your report.

    Start System Check

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