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    Teaching and Learning Resources provide you with a bank of ready-made flexible resources, lesson planning tools, self-marking tests and assessment. The resources are contained within the course library and where appropriate, they will follow the structure of the accompanying student textbook. Please note that the resources within a T&L will vary from subscription to subscription.

    However, the large majority of our T&Ls will look similar to the below with the units/sections listed on the left hand side, and the resources of that unit listed on the right hand side. Selecting the unit title on the right hand side will open up the menuscreen view: 



    Clicking on a resource will either open it up in a new window or tab, or it will download it to your computer (depending on the file/resource type). 

    Selecting the cog by a particular resource name will provide your options for sharing: 


    If you're looking for guidance on how to create a lesson with your Teaching & Learning resources, take a look at our article here

    How can I share a specific resource with my students? 

    If you're looking to share a handful of resources, we advise using our Lesson Builder to create a lesson, which can act as a package of sorts for the resources you want to share with your students. 

    How can I share a T&L with my students? 

    Please note: the below will only share resources that do not have a Teacher-only icon by it. If you want students to have access to these, you will need to add them to a lesson and then share that lesson with them. 


    If your package contains tests, you may also need to amend the setting of the visibility of your tests for that particular title, depending on whether you want them to be shown when you share the package, or if you only want them to be seen by students if you manually assign them: 


    Finally, your students will also need to have their own accounts for Dynamic Learning if they haven't been set up already. If they're already set up, open up your package and select 'Share' beneath the T&L resource you want to share with your students: 


    Then, you'll need to select the students you want to share access with by ticking the box by their name. You can use the search bar to help narrow down your results. When you're happy with the listing on the right hand side, select 'Save': 


    Your students will then have the teaching and learning resource displayed in their title listings. If they click on it, it will open up the resource much in the way it does for a teacher (barring any teacher-only content, as mentioned previously in this section). If you've shared a title whilst a student was already logged in, they will need to log out and log back in to see it. 


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