Can I assign tests to my students in bulk?


    You can use our advanced search to help you assign multiple tests to students in one go. 

    Click into the search box at the top of the page, and then choose the magnifying icon to bring up 'Advanced search'. 

    You can then choose the title (and chapter, if appropriate) and resource type as 'interactive' test to find interactive tests from the relevant title only. Choose 'filter', and you will be presented with a listing of the resources found. The example below uses A-Level Geography: 

    You can click on any of the titles, to open up an immediate preview of the test. 

    To assign more than one title, either use the tick boxes to select the specific tests you wish to assign, or use the ‘select all’ option at the top of the listing:

    Once you are happy with your selections, click the button ‘Assign resources’, where you will be asked to specify the students or groups of students you wish to assign these tests to. Once you have made your selections, click 'Assign resources'.

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