I’m a parent who purchased an eTextbook. How can my child access it?


    This article provides guidance for personal/individual users who have purchased student eTextbooks using their personal/home address. If you are a teacher or a student using an account that is linked to a school or institution, please look at our relevant student eTextbook articles here.

    When you purchase a copy of any eTextbook title, you can share it with another family member (or another user) via their own login credentials.

    This will allow them to access their own copy of the eTextbook, so that you can both access your own notes, bookmarks, etc. To set this up, click on ‘Share’ beneath your eTextbook title on the home page:


    To create a new user, press the plus button:

    You will need to give them a name, a username and a password. Usernames and passwords must be at least six characters long. They must not contain any spaces or the @symbol, and they must begin with a letter.

    When all three boxes have turned green, either press enter on your keyboard, or click on the plus symbol by their name, and the user will be created.

    Any selected user you click on will be highlighted in green. You can then click on ‘Share’ to share a copy of the eTextbook with them.

    After you have shared the first copy that comes with your initial purchase of a title, any subsequent user that would like access to the same title will require you to purchase additional copies. Please note that you can create up to 5 users on your Dynamic Learning account, not including your own.

    For logging in, you will want to bookmark your family’s unique login URL, or make a note of the centre ID. You can find the record of both under the ‘Share menu’, beneath the list of users:

    This is to ensure that you have the centre ID box filled out on the login page, which is a required field when logging in with a username.


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