Does my student eTextbook include other resources and/or interactive tests?


    This article provides guidance for personal/individual users who have purchased student eTextbooks using their personal/home address. If you are a teacher or a student using an account that is linked to a school or institution, please look at our relevant student eTextbook articles here.

    This will vary depending on the student eTextbook title itself. If your student eTextbook has any resources or tests you can access them by clicking on ‘Contents’ on the left-hand side of the page. You can then click on ‘Resources’ and/or ‘Interactives’ if these labels are blue. If these are not available for your eTextbook title, these options will be greyed out.

    In the example below, you can see that the eTextbook contains interactive tests but does not contain any additional resources, as ‘Resources’ is greyed out.

    If your eTextbook contains tests you can track your progress by choosing ‘open’ when you select ‘My Progress Report’ under ‘Contents’.

    Please note that the progress report may be displayed at the end of the contents, depending on the title.

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