How do I create a lesson?


    You can use lessons to share more than one resource with your students or colleagues by populating a lesson with a selection of resources from titles you are subscribed to. For example, you could share a test and a worksheet with a student via the same lesson. 

    To learn how to create a lesson in Dynamic Learning using our Lesson Builder feature, watch our quick video below, or read on for more detailed instruction. 

    Click on 'Lessons' in the top left and corner, and select the blue 'Create new lesson' button. 


    You will be asked to:

    • Choose a name for your lesson
    • The description field is optional, but you may like to add your lesson objectives here to fulfill any observation criteria
    • Choose where to save your lesson - 'My Lessons', or another folder

    Click the green 'Create Lesson' button, and you will be shown the empty lesson, to which you can start adding resources to. 


    If you have your Teaching and Learning resource already open, you'll find you can instantly add individual resources to the lesson by clicking on the cog to the right of each item, and then selecting 'Add to [...] lesson'. 


    Otherwise, you'll be asked to specify which lesson you want to add the resource to. 

    At the top of the Lesson Builder menu, you'll find you can add sections to help you organise your lesson, as well as uploading external resources and weblinks.


    You can also drag and drop the resources to change their order. To re-name a resource, or to delete it from the lesson, click on the cog by its title, and make the applicable selection. 


    You can click 'Play Lesson' to view the lesson in class in a slide-show format, or you can share the lesson directly with your students. 

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