The Lesson Builder & The Lesson Player


    The Lesson Builder Tool is a great way to group together a number of different types of resources, including those you have uploaded yourself. 

    You can:

    •  ‘Play’ the lesson in your classroom to use in-class
    •  Assign resources and tests to students for homework, assignments or to reinforce classroom learning
    • Create an online Scheme of Work
    • Create cover lessons to share with colleagues and supply teachers

    The Lesson Builder & Player can be accessed through the Lessons icon in the top left hand corner of your teacher account: 


    If a colleague shares a lesson with you, you will receive a notification for your messages inbox, and can access the lesson itself through your DL inbox under 'Lessons received':



    Some of our Teaching and Learning Resources come with sample lessons, conveniently gathering together every Dynamic Learning resource or weblink that’s associated with that lesson and the assessment it supports. If available for your course, these can be found in the Lessons section under the applicable subject. If a title contains Lessons, the number will be displayed in brackets next to the name of the title.

    When you have a lesson open, clicking on 'play lesson'. This will open up the lesson in Lesson Player mode, similar to a slide-show where you can move back and fourth between resources within it. 


    1. How do I create a lesson?

    2. How do I share a lesson?

    3. How do I export resources and lessons to my VLE?


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