The Access Coordinator


     What is an Access Coordinator and who should take on the role?

    The Access Coordinator is a key role at your institution. This person will keep your data in AutoMaths secure by approving all new teacher accounts and deleting those no longer in use. The first time someone at your establishment subscribes to a Hodder Education product, they'll be asked to nominate an Access Coordinator. 

    We recommend that you nominate your data manager or network administrator as they're best placed for managing user data at an institution level. However, you can nominate anyone at your institution and the current Access Coordinator can nominate a new Access Coordinator to accept the role at any time. 

    What is the Access Coordinator responsible for?

    Your Access Coordinator is responsible for keeping all your data secure by approving new teacher accounts in Automaths, and removing any accounts no longer in use.

    How do I transfer the Access Coordinator role?

    The existing Access Coordinator is able to reassign the role to another teacher within the institution. If you're the existing Access Coordinator:

    Firstly, go to the 'Admin Hub’ (the icon with the spanner in the top right hand corner): 


    Select the green 'Teachers' tab, and select the user you want to nominate, or add them to the system by clicking 'Add teacher'. Once they are highlighted, click 'view teacher' and select ‘Access Coordinator’ in the role dropdown: 


    Click 'Save'. The nominated user will be sent an email asking them to confirm their acceptance of the role. The role will not be transferred until this is complete. 

    If your Access Coordinator has left the school

    If you are having issues reassigning the role to someone else, or indeed if your current Access Coordinator has left your school, our digital support team can help reassign the role to someone else on request. This change is instantaneous across our systems. 

    As this will require us to access your school’s account, in order to protect any sensitive data held within, we will need your consent to proceed. Please fill out our consent form using the link below, which will automatically be sent to our support team:

    Once completed you will receive a copy of the form for your reference and a second email which will ask you to verify your email address. After verification is complete we will then be able to proceed with your request - we aim to confirm completion via email within 24 hours of the form being submitted.

    Please note: our support team cannot transfer this role without this consent form being filled out and submitted to them. We cannot make any changes through a phone call or an email request, and our team will direct you to fill out the form. This is to ensure our compliancy with GDPR. 

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