Creating groups


    Groups can be created via any Hodder Education Group application, and are shown in the Admin Hub with a note of where they were originally created and by whom, when they were last modified and how many students they currently contain.  All approved teacher account types can create and edit groups, but should be aware that their actions may affect other users.

    The list of groups can be sorted in ASC or DESC order on any column, and the filter pane will help narrow the results.

    To create a new group, make sure you are in the orange 'Groups' tab within the Admin Hub, and then select 'New group' in the bottom right hand corner: 


    Fill in the group name field and optional description. You can also give the group an 'owner', to help identify it later. At this point, you can also start selecting the students you wish to be a part of that group. The dropdown filter and the search bar can be used to help narrow down the list:


    Once you're happy with your group, select 'Save group'. 

    If you ever need to make an amendment to one of your groups, you can simply select the group and choose 'View group' to bring up the group details and the pupil list to make your changes. 

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