Automaths Reporting


    Your teacher dashboard will give you an overview of the students who have most recently submitted a test. To access all student reports, click on 'View all reports' at the bottom of your teacher dashboard: 


    This will take you to the reports landing page. You can filter for students from a specific group, a specific test or a even a range of dates the tests were due. The first percentage by each student's name is their average across all tests submitted: 



    The scoring thresholds are as follows: 

    Red: 0-39%

    Yellow/Amber: 40-69%

    Green: ≤70%

    Selecting a student's name will provide their individual report, with the breakdown of the student's scoring on each question within each test they've taken: 


    Selecting a particular test name will allow you to view the answers a student input for each question within the test. When you go into an individual student’s answers, you will see the number of marks awarded out of the maximum possible, i.e 14/18 meaning that they scored 14 out of a possible 18 for that question. You can see in this example that the student lost 4 marks in part (c) of the question because they failed to expand the brackets correctly. You can also see their interim workings for all parts of the question. 


    For more guidance on how the scoring works within an AutoMaths tests, please see our help article on this here.

    Please note: Students have access to Practice questions, which are not marked and are not available for inclusion in any tests. Any of these Practice questions that are described as ‘Synoptic’ comprise a full range of different questions at a set difficulty level (level 1, level 2 or level 3). Students can explore and practice by clicking on the ‘randomise’ button to access the full suite of questions within each of these ‘synoptic questions’.

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