Automaths Scoring: how it works


    Each question has a maximum possible score allocated to it. The maximum number of marks available for each question is displayed at the bottom right of the teacher preview screen (and also appears in exactly the same way for students when they are taking a test). In the example below, this question has 18 marks available: 


    If you request a hint, or get the answer wrong, you will see a reduction in the number of available marks. 

    If you click on Reveal answer or Solution view, you will lose all marks.

    The maximum score depends on the type of question, and how many sub-parts it has. 

    For ‘Basic’ questions (those with just one part (and which are not tabular or multiple choice)), the maximum score per question is 4, but rises to 6 for algebraic questions.

    For Multiple choice questions (MCQs) where there is just one sub-part (the vast majority of MCQs), the maximum score per question is 4. A few multiple choice questions have more than one part: in those cases, the maximum score is 4 PER sub-part; so a multiple choice question with 3 sub-part has a maximum total score of 12 mark.

    For questions where you fill out a table, the maximum score is either 4 or 5, depending on the complexity.

    For ‘Extended’ questions, all of which have a number of sub-parts, each sub-part has a maximum of 6 marks. Some of these questions have 8 sub-parts, therefore 6 x 8 = 48 marks. Many of them have 2 or 3 sub-parts, so 12 or 18 marks is a typical total.

    Please note: sometimes the number of sub-parts stated does not tell the whole story - a sub-part may itself contain more than one part. When this happens, you will see what appears to be a question with, say, two sub-parts be worth 18 marks – because one of the sub-parts is actually hidden.

    Using Hints

    If a student is stuck and needs help, they can select the 'hint' button: 


    Hints are designed to be gentle 'nudges', rather than giving away too much. Using a hint carries a small scoring penalty (see the below section on losing marks). Some extended questions can have several hints available as the student works through the question. 

    Students lose marks in the following ways:

    A 1-mark penalty for requesting a hint. This is per hint – most questions have more than one hint available.

    A 2-mark penalty for inputting the incorrect answer. They get a second chance to receive the remaining marks for that question or sub-part. 

    ALL marks are lost if they select ' Reveal Answer' - a pop-up message will display a warning to let them know of this, to ask if they are sure they wish to proceed. If a student chooses to close/end the test and submit the answers, any questions where they have not entered any answer or chosen to 'reveal' answer will remain blank in the reports section. 

    ALL marks are also lost if they select Solution view.

    When questions have more than one sub-part, these penalties apply to each of those sub-parts.

    For all questions with sub-parts, the scoring is aggregated across the entire question.




    Number of hints used

    No. of attempts at answer

    0 hints

    1 hint

    2 hints

    3+ hints

    1 attempt

    6 marks

    5 marks

     4 marks

    3 marks

    2 attempts

    4 marks

    3 marks

    2 marks

    1 mark

    3+ attempts

    2 marks






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