Taking a test


    You can access your assigned tests through your student dashboard. Click on a test you've been allocated to open it up. If you want to see all the tests you've been assigned, click on 'View all tests': 


    Opening up a test will take you directly to the first question of the test: 


    1: Title of test 7: Reveal answer to question **
    2: Total no. of sub-parts in the question* 8: Total marks for the question (as a whole)***
    3: Answer field 9: Number of questions in the test
    4: Submit button (or press Enter on keyboard) 10: Close option
    5: Hint**  

    *Please note that the next sub-part of a question, i.e. part b) in the example above, will not display until either the correct answer is input, or 'reveal answer' is selected. 
    **Using hints or choosing to 'reveal answer' will have an impact on your final score. Please see our article on scoring for further guidance on this. 
    ***If you make a mistake or request a hint, the number displayed here will reduce accordingly. 

    Working through a question

    Enter your answer, or first step (as in, this does not need to your final answer straight away) in the answer field, and use the maths notation buttons as necessary (note that these only appear once you click within the answer field). All correct interim answers i.e. your 'workings out' are indicated by an open green circle. A correct final answer will be indicated by a solid green circle and a green tick. 

    Submitting answers and moving on

    Hit return on your keyboard, or click the arrow (4) to submit your interim or final answer. AutoMaths actively reads what has been entered - if you have made a mistake, a message appear telling you where you have gone wrong (but note that if the algorithm cannot recognise where you went wrong, you will simply see a red cross). An incorrect answer carries a scoring penalty. 

    If you are completely stuck

    You can move onto the next question either by choosing 'next', or by clicking on a different question number. You can also choose 'Reveal answer' - this of course will reveal the answer to the question, and you will not receive any marks. You also will not be able to try the question again. 

    Closing/Submitting the test

    If you reach the end of the test and you have either submitted an answer OR revealed the answer to all questions, the test player will automatically notify you that you have finished the test. If you're in the middle of a test, and you want to return to it at a later time or date, choose 'Close' in the top right hand corner: 


    You can then select 'Resume test later'. Answers that you have already submitted will be saved, but you can return to the questions you have not answered yet. 

    If you're finished with the test even though there are still some questions left, you can choose 'End Test' to force the test to submit. This is final, and will instantly submit your results to your reports section for you and your teacher. 


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