Practice mode


    Practice Mode allows you to test your maths knowledge and understanding without being judged. No marks are awarded, and your teachers do not have any record of your progress - you can use it to practice in your own time:


    Once opened up, you'll see a screen with a number of tiles on the left, encompassing a whole range of different questions. The title on the tile (for example, 'Synoptic questions on surds level 1') tells you that the questions here are on surds, and at level 1 difficulty: 


    Click on any of these tiles, and the first question will appear on the right hand side of the screen, ready for you to attempt to answer it: 



    You can use the filtering or search bar to find a specific question or topic. 

    All questions in practice mode are 'randomisable' - which means that you can re-do the same question as many time as you like, but with different numbers/variables each time: 


    All practice questions with ‘synoptic’ in the title comprise a series of different questions that cover the entire topic at a specific difficulty level. For example, ‘Synoptic questions on surds level 2’ contains a variety of questions on surds, all of which are at difficulty level 2’. Clicking ‘randomise’ on these questions will produce a new question (ie sometimes only the variables will be changed, at other times the entire question will be different).

    Please note: the Practice questions are not available for teachers to include in tests



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