Ready-made tests


    AutoMaths provides ready-to-use tests we have created for you, covering various topics and levels. To access these, click on the green tile on your teacher dashboard: 


    You will then arrive at a screen that looks like the below. The left hand side displays the filters, to help you find the right test. The right hand side displays the tests selected, and the grey bars display the split between easy, medium and difficult in each test. The highlighted example below shows that the Sequences test contains 4 ‘Easy’, 4 ‘Medium’ and 1 ‘Difficult’ question: 


    Clicking on a particular test will allow you to preview the test, and all of its content. You can interact with the test interface itself as a student would, such as entering and checking the answer, choosing 'reveal answer', etc., but you cannot submit the results of the test itself as this is a preview only: 


    To customise these ready-made tests, you can select 'Copy to My Tests and Edit' and the test will appear under 'My Tests':


    For more instruction, watch our quick video here: 

    For guidance in how to assign ready-made tests, as well as your own, please see this article here.

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