How do I create my own test?


    If you want to make your own test in AutoMaths, you can either watch our quick video below, or keep reading for step-by-step instructions:

    First, go to the orange 'Create a test' tile and enter a topic in the search box, or click on 'find questions' to use the filters to refine the question results:


    Depending on your search terms/filters, you will be shown your individual question results on the left hand side. The question description appears at the top, followed by coloured indicators indicating: Difficulty level (1, 2 or 3); Area of Maths (Pure, Stats or Mechanics); Topic area (for example Algebra and functions, or Coordinate geometry). If the question is randomisable this will also appear here (in pink).


    A randomisable question means that when you select 'assign with randomised values' when assigning the test, their variables are changed automatically, and each student will see different values. For example, one student may be asked to simplify root 48, and another to simplify root 108.

    Selecting a question will reveal a preview on the right side. If it is a randomisable question, you can preview how this works by selecting 'randomise' as many times as you like: 


    You can also interact with any question as a student would, i.e. try to answer the question and submit it, as well as revealing the answer.  

    To add a question to your test, either click 'Add to test' or the plus symbol:


    The number of questions you add to a test is up to you. The figure beside 'Organise' will confirm how many questions you currently have added to the test you are creating: 


    When you've made some selections, you're ready to create a name for your test, change the order of the questions (if required) and review what you have created. Click on 'organise'. You'll be prompted to give your test a name: 


    The test will then appear in your listings under 'Select and Share'. You can also access them from 'My tests' on your teacher dashboard. 

    You can then drag and drop the question tiles on the left to reorganise the order, as well as remove questions. 

    Please note: any randomisable question you add will default to the first preview. To ensure that students receive a different variant of the question, ensure you select 'Assign with randomised values' during the assigning stage, as described here

    To add more questions, return to 'Find questions' as in the earlier steps. Any changes made to a test that has already been saved to 'My tests' will be automatically saved, even if you come back to make your edits later. 


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