How do I assign a test?


    Whether you're created your own test, or are using one from our ready-made test bank, you will want to assign these to your students. If you have not already set up student accounts in the system, please see our guidance on how to do this here

    First, find the test you wish to assign and select 'Assign':



    You will then find a listing of students set up in the system that you can assign the test to. You can use the dropdown filters or the search bar to narrow down your results to a particular student or set of students:


    Ticking the box by their name will add them to the listing on the right hand side. You can amend the dates for which you want the test to be available to them, and you can also add an optional message:


    Many of our basic and extended questions can be randomised - this means that when you select 'assign with randomised values', their variables are changed automatically, and each student will see different values. For example, one student may be asked to simplify root 48, and another to simplify root 108. 

    When you're happy with your selections, click 'Assign test' (or, if there are randomisable questions in your test and you want to randomise them, click ‘Assign with randomised values’). The test will then appear in the student's 'Assigned test' listing. 

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