What is SNAP?


    SNAP-SpLD (Specific Learning Difficulties) and SNAP-B (Behaviour) are online assessments designed to pinpoint specific learning and behavioural difficulties which, unidentified, may limit a child’s potential to learn. Both SNAP subscriptions can be purchased through Hodder Education or Rising Stars, and are then accessed on SNAP

    SNAP is short for Special Needs Assessment Profile.

    If you're a teacher whose school/institution has purchased a SNAP subscription, you'll want to log in with your email and password here.

    We recommend bookmarking this link for ease of access if you will be using our site often. 

    On the login page, you will be required to enter your account login details. 


    If you've forgotten your password, click on 'forgotten your password?' to send yourself a password reset email. If you're having issues logging in, take a look at our FAQs


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