Creating, accessing or reassessing a pupil profile


    Please note: the below screens require that pupil record to have been added to your SNAP's Admin Hub and be active for SNAP access. If you require guidance on this, please click here

    The ‘Choose’ screen allows you to see a list of all the pupils who have a SNAP assessment either complete or in progress: 


    Double clicking their name, or selecting it and clicking ‘Show assessment’, will open that specific pupil’s assessment record. 

    Creating a new pupil assessment

    If you wish to assess a new pupil, click ‘Assess a new pupil’, the dialogue box below will open, and you can search for the pupil’s name or filter by group: 


    Clicking ‘First name’ or ‘Last name’ will alphabetise the list accordingly. Select the pupil you wish to assess and click 'Choose'. 


    This will open up their new assessment immediately. 

    Reassessing, Accessing or Deleting a Pupil Assessment

    If you would like to create a new assessment for a pupil, access a previous assessment or delete an assessment, you can click the dropdown menu highlighted by the red box below:



    You can create as many assessments for a pupil as you wish, and these will remain available for the length of your subscription + 2 years after your subscription has expired. 

    You can return to an assessment by choosing from the options within the dropdown. If you're looking to compare assessments, take a look at our article on reviewing pupil progress here

    If you want to delete an assessment, a dialogue box will appear which allows you to choose which assessment you would like to delete. You then will need to confirm the deletion. The deletion of an assessment is irreversible

    Please note: if you do not renew your SNAP subscription, you will have access to all the pupil assessments you have created for 2 years. You will not be able to create any new assessments or generate any new reports.

    For data protection reasons, after 2 years RS Assessment will automatically delete your SNAP pupil data if you do not renew your subscription.


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