Plan, Do and Review


    Once the SNAP assessment steps have been completed, the ‘Plan, Do and Review’ section will become available. Please note: the minimum requirement for this is completing the Pupil Assessment Questionnaire. 

    Here you will see the pupil’s Core Profile which shows the relative strengths and weaknesses across the strands SNAP-B and SNAP-SpLD profiles (note that the strands vary for SNAP-SpLD depending on age, there are 15 strands for children aged 4–6 and 20 strands for children aged 7–16): 


    The two bars on the right hand side in peach will only appear if the What I Feel questionnaire is completed in SNAP-SpLD. In SNAP-B the bars for Relationship with self at home; Relationship with other children at home and Relationship with adults at home, will only appear if the At Home Questionnaire is completed.

    A printable PDF download of the Core Profile is available at the top of the Plan, Do and Review page and includes a summary of the pupil’s 3 principal strengths and 3 principal weaknesses.

    For further guidance on selecting interventions, using home and school reports, and reassessing, please see the below articles: 

    1. Plan and Do: selecting interventions & reports
    2. Review

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