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    The School Dashboard allows you to compare your whole school's GAPS, PiRA and PUMA performance in an aggregated view. You can access it from the left hand side of your menu within MARK:



    The dashboards will be automatically populated with all PIRA, PUMA (not 6 Extension) and GAPS test data that you have added to your school's MARK account. This can include results from print-based and/or interactives tests. 

    Please note: free access to the dashboards area will be available in MARK for a trial period until 1st September 2019.

    Current Year Groups / Classes / Groups setup in MARK

    Note the dashboard will always present the current Year Groups, Classes or Groups setup in MARK, showing all pupils that reside in those groups today.

    It will only show results of pupils who currently reside in a Class. For instance, pupils who have left the school and have thus been set to inactive within MARK will not appear in the aggregated numbers.

    Academic year

    Select the academic year in the drop-down menu. This will show all results for tests taken during this time period, noting that each academic year automatically starts from 1st September.


    Selecting Autumn / Spring / Summer in the drop-down menu will show all results for tests taken during this time period as outlined below. The most recent term will always appear first when you launch the dashboard.

    Autumn               15th Aug to 31st Dec

    Spring                   1st Jan to 31st Mar

    Summer               1st Apr to 31st Jul

    Note that this means if your group of pupils have taken two tests within this time frame both results will be aggregated together. It also means if your school’s testing window for a test does not match the name of the term you may need to select a different term, for instance if your assessment plan means you take the summer tests in March you would need to select Spring to see the aggregated data.

    Performance indicators

    The data displayed in the dashboards aggregates the number/percentage of pupils achieving each performance indicator for PIRA, PUMA (not 6 Extension) and GAPS.

    Performance indicator  

    Standardised score 

    Working towards

    Up to 93

    Working at 


    Working at greater depth 

    115 and above


    Taking a test twice

    If a pupil has taken a test twice in the same term the dashboard will include their test results twice.

    For tests taken outside of the age range

    It is sometimes the case that pupils take tests that aren’t intended for their age range, a good example may be a pupil performing below expectations who might take a paper from the year below. In this scenario the pupil’s data would show against their current year group and class.

    For instance, if a Year 3 pupil takes a Year 2 test in the Autumn term, their results would appear in the Year 3 bar in the Autumn selection.

    Example school dashboard

    Mr Sullivan accessed the School Dashboard for his school on 10th July 2018.

    He first selected to view data for 2016-2017 so he could see how his current Year 5 performed in the Autumn Term 2016 when they took their Year 4 PUMA papers. This report shows 11 of them were ‘working at’ in the Year 5 column.


    He then went on to select 2017-18 to see how the same group of pupils performed in the Autumn Term 2017 and could subsequently see 17 pupils in Year 5 were ‘working at’.


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