Syncing year group names & classes


    The next step is to set up your school’s year group names.


    TIP! Ensure your Arbor MIS is up to date for the current academic year before beginning this process.

    In this panel we’re matching any year group names which are already in your Hodder Education Group Admin Hub with their equivalents in your Arbor MIS.  If there are any differences, the names from Arbor will supersede any Hodder Education Group Admin Hub ones. If you have the year group ‘Nursery’ included in Arbor, this will be excluded from the process. 

    Decide which years groups to sync

    Untick any year groups you’re not interested in setting up in MARK.  You can’t untick any year groups which already exist in the Hodder Education Group Admin Hub – this process only adds data; it does not delete it.

    When you're ready, select 'Save and sync' to proceed to syncing your classes. 

    Syncing class names


    In this panel you can choose the classes in your Arbor that you would like to set up in your Hodder Education Group Admin Hub by ensuring they are ticked on the right hand side. 

    The system automatically matches any classes whose names are the same in both your Hodder Education Group Admin Hub and Arbor MIS.  Match any which have not been matched by the system, or you may end up with duplicates. 

    Ensure that any classes that you do not need are unticked. When you're happy with your class set up, select 'Save class names'. You are then ready to move on to: Syncing your pupils

    Mixed-intake classes

    If your school has mixed year-classes in your Arbor MIS (e.g. a "Swans" class containing both Year 1 and Year 2 students) and a different class structure on MARK, with the class split out in to two (e.g. "1Swans" and "2Swans"), please do the following:

    • Create a set of classes on MARK that replicate the structure of what you have in Arbor. As an example, you can create a new class called "Swans" and associate it with either year group.

    • During the class matching process, create a one-to-one match between your new MARK classes and the classes from Arbor ("Swans" from MARK is now matched to "Swans" from Arbor). All students will then be correctly re-allocated to your new classes automatically.


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