Syncing your pupils


    In this panel, filter the year groups or classes you’re interested in importing or select all pupils.


    Only the Arbor pupils from your selection will be shown in the following panel, where you will review them individually. This function does not filter the list of pupils existing in your Hodder Education Group Admin Hub, as all will be available to match in the next panel. Please note that once you select the ‘Proceed’ button, it may take a minute or two for the full list of pupils to be loaded for the next screen, particularly if you have selected to view all pupils.

     TIP! You can return to this panel to import additional year groups or classes later – so you might prefer to choose only a few classes or a single year group at a time here, to make the list of individuals you’ll be reviewing in the next panel more manageable.  If possible, however, we would recommend reviewing all the pupils in one go by choosing 'Select all pupils'. 

    Select 'Proceed'. In this panel you can choose the pupils you’d like to sync from Arbor with the Hodder Education Group Admin Hub and match any who already exist there.


    Import new pupils

    Use the column on the right to tick pupils you’d like to import from Arbor.  The button at the bottom, Deselect all, will tick or untick all newly matched pupils and any pupils that will imported as new.

    The system will automatically match any accounts already in the Hodder Education Group Admin Hub which are identical to ones in Arbor but may not be able to match pupils if there are any spelling discrepancies. Each pupil will be given a matching status as below:

    Not matched
    These are pupils that exist in your Hodder Education Group’s Admin Hub but have no clear match in Arbor. These are quite often leavers who no longer exist in your Arbor MIS. To match a pupil with this status to an account in Arbor, select the row and then select ‘Match’.

     This will open a window that will allow you to search for and select a pupil from Arbor to match with. From the list, select the appropriate pupil from the list and then select ‘Match’.

     If there are is a large list of unmatched users, you can enter a partial name in to the ‘Filter’ box, which will look for users of that name within the list. Please note: you will likely have a long list of unmatched users if there are a high number of pupils who have left the school but have not been deleted from the Admin Hub database.

    These are pupils from your Arbor system with no clear match in your Hodder Education Group’s Admin Hub. Unless you choose to match these pupils with an account in the Admin Hub, they will be imported as new pupils. You should check very carefully that there is no match with an existing pupil profile in Admin Hub to avoid any duplicate pupils being imported.

    May match
    Please examine any pupil listed with a status of May match – these have been identified by the system as matching because they are a very close match – if the match is incorrect, select the pupil and then select the ‘Unmatch’ button, otherwise these accounts will be matched.

    These are pupils that the system has been able to match with reasonable certainty. We would still recommend a review of these accounts to ensure no errors have been made.

    You can undo a pupil matched in error by clicking on the row and selecting ‘Unmatch’: 


    Data precedence
    Arbor data takes precedence over the Admin Hub data when syncing.  Names, classes and dates of birth which will be overwritten are shown struck out in the Existing Hodder Education Group Admin Hub side of the screen. For example, if a pupil has been added to the Admin Hub with the nickname 'Chris' but exists in your MIS as 'Christopher', the latter will replace the former when the sync is completed. 

    A backup of the accounts as they currently exist in the Hodder Education Group Admin Hub is taken before the sync begins, so that when you undo a matched account to correct a mistake, the original data can be automatically restored.

    When you are ready, select 'Save and sync your pupils' in the bottom right hand corner. The system will then go through syncing your pupil records - depending on the number of pupils in your school being synced, this may take a few minutes. 

    Once completed, we advise going to the blue 'Pupils' tab to make a quick overview that you are happy with the data that has been synced and imported. You are then ready to move to the final step: Data sharing preferences. 

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