Completing an assessment


    Letter to parents

    Download and print the letter to parents/carers. This is to inform them about the SNAP process and explain why you want to carry out an assessment. The letter includes data privacy information and asks for their consent to complete the At Home Questionnaire (SNAP-B) / Information from the Family Questionnaire (SNAP-SpLD).

    The letter is generated as a Word document, so you can copy and paste the information into an email if you wish. Once a signed copy is returned, this can be scanned, uploaded and saved to the pupil’s profile.

    The ‘Download scanned doc’ button only becomes available once a document has been uploaded. Please note: only a PDF or an image of the letter to parents can be uploaded. 

    Pupil Assessment Questionnaire

    The Pupil Assessment Questionnaire should be completed by someone who knows the child best.

    This is the only compulsory element of the assessment, although we do recommend that all steps are completed to improve the validity of the results. The below is an example of a questionnaire screen from SNAP-SpLD.


    Please note: there are two versions of the Pupil Assessment Questionnaire for SNAP-SpLD depending on whether the child is aged between 4–6 or 7–16. Which questionnaire is displayed is dependent on the child’s age for when you created the pupil assessment, you do not need to make this selection.

    The questionnaire will open in a new window. If the questionnaire does not immediately launch in a new window, please check that your browser allows pop-ups or enable it for this site. Please note that some browsers may prompt you to manually allow pop-ups.

    There is a navigation menu on the left-hand side. You can complete the questions in any order.

    Your progress is saved automatically, and you do not need to complete it all at once. If you close the window, then re-open it, the questionnaire will resume from where you left off.

    The screens will automatically move on to the next questionnaire once you have entered an answer. If you would like to amend an answer at any time, click the ‘back’ or ‘next’ buttons at the bottom of the screen.

    Please note: once you have completed the Pupil Assessment Questionnaire, making any changes to the answers will impact the pupil's Core Profile. 

    If you are unsure of an answer ‘About typical for this age’ (SNAP-B) or ‘Age appropriate’ (SNAP-SpLD) is the baseline. Please see the printed User’s Handbook for more guidance about how to answer the Pupil Assessment Questionnaire.

    Diagnostic Probes (SNAP-SpLD only)

    Click ‘Choose a probe’ on the main ‘Assess’ menu to access the Diagnostic Probes. You will only see this on the assess screen if a child is 7+.

    There are eight Diagnostic Probes which contribute additional information to a pupil’s final profile, enhancing its validity. (Note Probes 1 and 2 are split into two separate tests). The table below outlines if a probe can be administered on-screen, on paper/offline, or both.

    Note: Probe 1A and Probe 1B are interconnected, so you must choose to administer them both onscreen or both offline. The score for Probe 1A feeds the Reading strand on the Core Profile and the score for Probe 1B feeds the Expressive and Receptive strand, taking into account what the pupil scored  in Probe 1A.


    For the probes the child completes offline, a score sheet is included in the downloadable PDF for you to use. Once complete, enter the score in the relevant score box.

    Once a probe has been completed the section turns green to track progress. Scores can be amended but do note that any changes will impact the resultant Core Profile. Clicking ‘Open on-screen test’ will open the probe in a new window.

    It is recommended that even if you are administering a probe on-screen that you download the relevant PDF for reference. If administering Probe 1B onscreen you will need to read out the passages to the pupil (they enter their answers onscreen); and for Probe 2B you will need to keep track of the pupil’s score on paper as they read the non-words aloud and enter their score once complete. For the other on screen tests, the pupil can answer directly onscreen and the scores will generate automatically. For full administration guidance for the probes please refer to your printed SNAP-SpLD User’s Handbook.

    At Home/Information from the Family Questionnaire and the What I Feel Questionnaire


    The At Home Questionnaire (SNAP-B)/Information from the Family Questionnaire (SNAP-SpLD) can be downloaded and printed for the pupil’s parent(s)/carer(s) to complete. Once the questionnaire is returned to you, click ‘Open questionnaire’ and fill in the results. Alternatively, you can arrange a meeting with the parent(s)/carer(s) and complete it together onscreen.

    The What I Feel Questionnaire gives an insight into the pupil’s own perceptions about their academic and social self-esteem. The pupil can either complete this on-screen or you can download and print the PDF for them. The pupil can be supported to answer these questions as necessary. Both questionnaires open in a new window. Once an answer is entered it will automatically move on to the next question. If you want to change an answer you can use the ‘next’ and ‘back’ buttons. You can close the window at any time, re-opening the questionnaire will return you to where you left off.

    The final part of the SNAP assessment - the pupil's voice record' does not inform the pupil’s Core Profile but is an additional way for the pupil’s voice to be captured and documented more informally. The PDF download includes information about how to support the pupil to complete this form, and there’s also guidance in the printed User’s Handbook.


    Once complete the record can be scanned, uploaded and saved to the pupil’s profile; the option to download the document becomes available once the document is saved. Please note: Only a PDF or an image of the Pupil’s Voice Record can be uploaded.

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