Syncing with Arbor


    You can sync your school’s MIS with MARK. It’s free to set up and cuts out the need to add teachers and pupils to MARK manually. 


    If you are using Arbor’s Management Information System (MIS) you can connect it directly to MARK. The below articles will guide you through the process step-by-step (or you can download our guide, which you can find at the bottom of this article). 

    1. Things to check before setting up your sync
    2. Setting up your connection to Arbor
    3. Syncing your teachers
    4. Syncing your year groups and classes
    5. Syncing your pupils
    6. Data sharing preferences

    If you use SIMS, Advanced Learning, BromCom, ScholarPack or RM Integris, please take a look at our guidance on how to connect via Assembly hereIf you don't have a compatible MIS, you will need to set up MARK manually - you can find guidance on how to do this here 



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