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    How do I promote my school if I use the MIS sync in Admin Hub?

    If you are already using the MIS sync option you should return to that tab once you have updated your MIS for the new academic year and work through the sync process. This will update MARK based on the promotion you have completed in your MIS using the sync.

    What happens to my final year group’s data, am I able to view it?

    When you promote your final Year group, data from pupils who have left the school is retained in our database and the pupils remain in the class they were in at point of promotion. However, they still move up a Year group. Test data will only ever be deleted from MARK with your schools consent. 

    What if I want to remove my Year 6 data, how do I go about this?

    If you would like the data to be permanently deleted and will have no future use for it for reporting purposes you can do this from within the 'Pupils' tab in Admin Hub.

    Can I undo the “promotion” if I make a mistake?
    Yes, you just go to the MARK Admin Hub, and click the ‘undo promotion’ button within the 'Promotion' panel under the ‘School’ tab. This will return all pupils to their previous classes and year groups:


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