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    Once you have looked at a pupil’s Core Profile the next step is to decide which areas you would like to focus on.


    Selecting a bar on the graph, or the key for a specific strand, will open this screen:


    Here you will find a summary of the strand, you can download the relevant Information Sheet and view of all the specific interventions available – these will be added to the School and Home reports you generate when you click ‘Add to reports’.

    Clicking the X will close the screen and take you back to the Core Profile.

    Selecting ‘Show matrix’ will show you how the questions relevant to the strand were answered.


    You can select as many interventions as you want, and these can be selected across multiple strands.

    Onscreen you will see the name of the intervention, a brief description and a summary of the expected outcomes.

    Clicking ‘Add to reports’ will mean that the chosen intervention will appear in full in the School Report, and there will be a summary of the intervention and its outcomes in the Home Report.

    Clicking the button again will remove it from the reports.


    Note: For SNAP-SpLD 7-16 Comprehension Processing Speed does not have any associated interventions.

    In SNAP-B the following strands do not have any associated interventions or information sheets: Relationship with self at home, Relationship with other children at home and Relationship with adults at home.

    Home and School Reports 

    Once you have selected your chosen interventions you can generate the School and Home reports. These are generated as Word documents, so you can add additional information and edit them as you wish.

    If you have chosen interventions across multiple strands, everything will be combined into one report, but it will be clear which information is relevant for which strand.

    You can download the reports as many times as you want, they will remain part of the pupil’s profile until the intervention selection is changed.

    The SNAP School Report includes:

    • An overview of the specific weakness/strength
    • All the interventions you have selected associated with that strand (please note that some of the interventions will include web links to additional websites)
    • Information about how else you can help the pupil in the classroom
    • Useful websites
    • Further reading

    The SNAP Home Report includes:

    • An overview of the specific weakness/strength
    • Information for the parent(s)/carer(s) about how this weakness/strength will affect the pupil
    • A summary of the interventions selected to help the pupil
    • Information about what parents/carers can do to help the pupil at home
    • Activities to try at home
    • Useful websites and resources


    Although every effort has been made to ensure that website addresses are correct, RS Assessment from Hodder Education cannot be held responsible for the content of any websites mentioned as part of the interventions or the School and Home reports.

    It is sometimes possible to find a relocated web page by typing in the address of the home page for a website in the URL window of your browser.

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