Setting up the connection with Assembly


    To connect MARK to your MIS via Assembly, you will need to access Hodder Education’s Admin Hub. The Hodder Education Admin Hub can be accessed here. On the log in screen, please enter your MARK Access Coordinator email and password. Your centre ID is not required.

    Once you have logged in, please select ‘Manage Admin Hub’. If your centre has access to more than one Hodder Education service, you will be asked to select which one you would like to administrate. Please select ‘MARK’.



    Alternatively, log in as the Access Coordinator on MARK directly here and select the Admin Hub by clicking on the green icon in the top right hand corner: 



    To set-up a connection with Assembly, first select the ‘School’ tab in the Admin Hub, then select the sub-tab ‘MIS user sync’. Beneath the Assembly logo, select 'Authorise':


    You will then be redirected to the Assembly site where you will be prompted to log in to your Assembly account.


    Once logged in, you must authorise the Hodder Education Group’s Admin Hub application to access your MIS data via Assembly. The screen below lists all the mandatory data that is required to set up the connection under the heading ‘Required Scopes’: 


    If you would like to pass test data from MARK to Assembly, you will also need to tick ‘upload assessment data’ beneath the ‘Optional scopes’ heading. You will then also need to later agree to this under 'Data Sharing Preferences' at the end of the sync process. 


    Once you select ‘Authorise app’ you will be taken back to the Hodder Education Group’s Admin Hub, with the connection to Assembly now established. You are now ready to begin syncing your Assembly data with the MARK admin hub, and to move on to: Syncing your teachers

    Deauthorising a connection with Assembly

    Should you wish to deauthorise your connection with Assembly, selecting ‘Deauthorise’ within the Authorisation screen of Admin Hub will disable all syncing of users.

    You will also need to log in to your Assembly account, select the ‘Hodder Education Group Admin Hub’ application, and select ‘Do not authorise’.

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