Promoting with a manual set-up


    If you set up your MARK account manually (i.e. by importing a CSV file of your pupils) and are not currently synced, you can use our Promotion tool to move up your pupils a year group and class at the end of an academic year. 

    Please note: only the Access Coordinator is able to complete these steps. The following steps cannot be carried out if year groups and classes have NOT previously been created.

    Once logged in, go to the ‘Admin Hub’, found in the top right corner of the page.

    Select the ‘School’ tab, and then the 'Promotion' sub tab: 


    Choose 'Next', and you will be asked to review your Year Groups. If you need to select or deselect, or even re-name, any of the choices, you can do so here. Please remember that when promoted, the final year group (year 6 in the screenshot below) will be promoted into a Leaver's Year group called Leavers 20xx - 20xx to match the academic year. 

    When you're ready, choose 'save and continue':


    You will then be asked to review your classes within MARK. 


    Here you will be able set up your promotion chains; this simply means identifying where you would like each class to go when you click ‘Promote’. If you do not want a class to have a promotion chain or if you want to later move the children between classes manually instead, you can select ‘Class name’ as the status for this class. Click ‘Save and Continue’ when you are happy with your selections.

    Please Note: setting up a promotion chain is optional. However, you may want to create a class called ‘Leavers’ and have all pupils leaving promoted to the ‘Leavers’ class. For example, a Year 6 class when promoted will have the pupils moved to the Year group ‘Leavers 2018-2019’ and be moved to a ‘Leavers’ class. If not, Leavers will remain in the class they were in before promotion.

    Next, the ‘Promote pupils’ panel will appear. Click ‘Promote all pupils’. If you have completed the previous steps, select 'Promote all pupils'. 

    Once the promotion wizard has confirmed that your promotion is complete, we advise going to the blue 'Pupils' tab to ensure that your pupils have been promoted to the correct Year group (and classes, where applicable). 

    If you notice an error in the Year groups that children have been promoted to, you can ‘Undo last promotion’ by clicking the button as shown below. This will return all pupils to their previous classes and year groups.

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