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    Groups can be created in Admin Hub and are shown with a note of where they were originally created and by whom, when they were last modified and how many students they currently contain. All teachers can create and edit groups but should be aware that their actions may affect other users.

    In SNAP¸ when you are selecting a pupil to assess, it is possible to filter and search by groups. Therefore, if you are a large school and dealing with a lot of pupil data it might be helpful to set up a group of pupils you would like to assess in Admin Hub first.

    If you have groups set up on other platforms, you will be able to see these also - as well as who created them: 


    To create a new group, simply select 'New group': 


    Complete the group name, fill out an optional description and select the group owner (this can be any user with access to SNAP). At this stage, you can also select pupils from the right hand side to add them to the group listing, on the left. You can use the dropdown filters as well as the search bar to find specific pupils. 

    When you're ready, click 'Save' to create the group:


    If you need to amend the group details or the pupils within it, simply double click on the group name to bring up the populate screen again. 

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