How do I delete a teacher account from AutoMaths?


    Deleting teacher accounts from AutoMaths can only be done by the Access Coordinator, and is a 2-step process. 

    The first step is to revoke access for all users that you would like to delete.

    Ensure you are on the green 'Teachers' tab within the AutoMaths Admin Hub. 

    Select the relevant users from the ‘With access to this site’ tab (multi-select of users is possible by holding down shift on your keyboard) then select ‘Revoke access’: 


    The users will now be in the ‘Without access’ tab. At this stage, the teachers within this tab are still registered against your school but they are not able to gain access to AutoMaths. You may choose to keep them here if they still require access to other platforms such as Dynamic Learning or MARK, but you do not want them to access AutoMaths specifically. 

    Should you wish to proceed to delete their account, the second step is to select the relevant users from the ‘Without access’ tab and then select the ‘Delete selected’ button at the bottom right on the panel.


    The users will be moved in to the ‘Pending deletion’ tab. Each deleted user will remain in the Pending deletion tab for a period of 6 months, allowing you to undo any deletions that have been made incorrectly.

    To undo a deletion, select the user from the Pending deletion tab and then select ‘Cancel deletion’. Users that are scheduled for deletion are shown with the date they will be deleted on and the status of ‘Scheduled’.


    If for any reason it is not possible to delete the user (e.g. they may have access to another Hodder Education Group site), the user will remain in the pending deletion tab with a status of ‘Pending’. Selecting this status will display the reason why the user can’t be deleted.

    If it is essential for your users to be deleted immediately, please contact the digital support team who will be able to assist you further. 

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