Introduction to interactive tests


    Interactive tests can be sat for the following assessments:

    • Ready, Check, Go: Maths
    • PiRA Key Stage 1 and PiRA Key Stage 2 tests
    • PUMA Key Stage 1 and PUMA Key Stage 2 tests
    • New PiRA Key Stage 1 and New PiRA Key Stage 2 tests
    • New PUMA Key Stage 1 and New PUMA Key Stage 2 tests
    • GAPS Key Stage 1 and GAPS Key Stage 2 tests
    • AMT and ART

    The interactive versions of the tests are accessed via MARK (My Assessment and Reporting Kit), and are marked automatically so that teachers do not need to fill in marksheets and can access reports and analysis immediately, saving valuable time. Where there are print and online versions of the tests they are identical, so schools are able to use them alongside each other, with more choice and control over how they administer the tests. (Ready, Check, Go is digital only and not available in paper format).

    To use the interactive tests, schools will need to have access to MARK and purchase test credits from the Rising Stars website or from the Hodder Education website. When a school places its first order of test credits, MARK is automatically added to the order if the school has not already purchased it for free. You will also need to have set up your MARK account to assign the tests to your pupil records.

    Interactive tests are taken using interactive test credits. Each credit value is the equivalent of one test, so 50 pupils would need 50 credits to sit one test. Interactive test credits are specific to the test you buy them for, so PUMA credits can only be used for PUMA tests, and PiRA credits for PiRA tests. You can use a PUMA credit on any interactive test within the PUMA suite, for example a year 1 test, a year 2 test, etc. 

    You can buy test credits from Rising Stars for PiRA, PUMA and GAPS interactives and Ready, Check, Go, and from Hodder Education for AMT and ART

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