Interactive Tests: System Requirements


    If you're looking to purchase or take our interactive tests, it is crucial you follow our technical requirements as provided below. Ensuring that the below have been checked prior to taking an interactive test will mitigate the chances of any issues occurring during the test. 

    If you have any questions on the compatibility of your school set-up and our technical team, please raise a support ticket with our support team, providing as much detail as possible. 

    Step 1 - Make sure your device is compatible:

    Our MARK interactive tests are compatible with the below browsers and operating systems, and on which the content is best viewed:

    Chrome (Latest browser version) on Win 7, Win 10, MacOS latest version
    Safari (Latest browser version) -  iOS 11 and above
    Microsoft Edge (Latest browser version) - Win 10

    Display resolution: The minimum device display resolution required to run the Interactive Tests is 1024 x 768.

    Tests are compatible with Chromebooks and iPads.

    You can use one of the 5 free Interactive test credits allocated to your center to trial a test in full yourself or with a learner (scores and answers entered will be saved) or the use the ‘Preview Test’ feature to familiarise yourself with the interactive tests, to help ensure your device is compatible. If you encounter any issues at this point, please do not hesitate to contact our support team for further advice. 

    Please note that the Preview Test function is provided for teachers only and no answers or scores will be stored in the database, but can be reviewed as part of your session when previewing the test content and functionality.

    Step 2 - Speak to your IT manager to verify that your network and devices are correctly set up in order to launch the Interactive Tests.

    It is extremely important that these checks and the configurations outlined below are followed prior to the use of the Interactive Tests to minimise the potential for scores and answers to not be recorded successfully.

    If your school is using a Firewall software or security tools to manage internet traffic, we recommend that you ask your IT manager to review your network configuration to ensure internet traffic to our sites are allowed. Please ask them to allow access to the following IP addresses:, and
    MARK uses HTTP Port 80 and 443.  

    Please ask your network administrator to allow the following URLs -



    Step 3 - Check your school’s bandwidth allowance 

    A minimum bandwidth of 2Mbps per user download is recommended, in line with the National Education Network recommendations.

    If a large group of pupils will be taking the tests at the same time, we recommend that your school’s IT manager reviews your bandwidth capacity to ensure large group of pupils are not affected by bandwidth limitations (for example, based on 2Mbps per user download and 1 in 10 devices being active simultaneously at times of peak usage, your bandwidth capacity should need to reflect 80Mbps and any other network traffic be accounted for).

    If you have any questions on the compatibility of your school set-up and our technical team, please raise a support ticket, providing as much detail as possible. 

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