Administering the interactive tests


    We strongly advise reviewing our technical requirements before sitting an interactive test. This will best mitigate the chance of any issues occurring when taking the test(s). 

    We recommend that these tests are done under the same exam-style conditions as the paper tests. Please note that our interactive tests can be completed on desktop, laptop and tablet devices.

    Please see the following video with steps on taking an interactive test:


    To complete the tests, your pupils will need to access the test link URL for your school using one of the supported browsers. This can be found here: 


    Each pupil will also will need the test code and their date of birth. For younger pupils it may be useful to write down this information for them to copy. In the calendar view you will need to select the date the assignment was created and the appropriate paper (if multiple assignments were set that on that date):


    On the list view you can filter by test and view the test code as below: 


    For guidance full guidance on how a pupil takes an interactive test, click here

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