Managing tests: editing and deleting an assignment


    The Interactive tests tab on the left hand side of MARK is available to all teachers, and allows you to manage the assignments created.


    On the list of tests, you can click on an assignment to see the options you have for that test appear below: 


    If some or no pupils have taken the test, you will have the following options:

    Delete assignment - selecting this will remove the test from the list (MARK will ask you if you’re sure first, in case you accidentally selected the wrong test). Your interactive test credits will return to your account. In the example above, all 15 credits would be returned to the PUMA credit balance for the school. 
    Preview test – previewing a test will launch the test so you can take a look at the content yourself.
    Edit assignment - editing an assignment will allow you to change the pupil list and test date. If you accidentally selected the wrong paper when setting up the test, we recommend that you delete the assignment and create the test again. You cannot edit the assignment of a test for a pupil who has already started the test, even if they have not submitted the test. 
    View Marksheet - when at least one of your pupils has submitted their test, this option will become available. Clicking on this button will take you directly to that test’s marksheet where you will be able to review the results for all pupils who have completed the test.

    Please note: you can continue to edit an assignment until all of the assigned pupils have taken the test.

    Once everyone has completed the test, the bar will turn yellow, and the options will change:


    You cannot now delete the assignment, but you can still Preview test and View marksheet as
    explained above. The test will now also provide data when using our 'Reports' tab. 

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