Marksheets, test analysis and amendments


    When an interactive test is completed, the results are automatically entered into that test’s marksheet. Where a test has been taken online, you will see a small computer icon. This allows you to quickly see who took the test on paper and who did it online: 


    Clicking on this icon will launch the test in a read-only mode. Here you will be able to see the answers that the pupil gave. You can use this to review the whole test and see exactly what your pupil answered.

    Amending marks

    If you are the Access Coordinator or are a Teacher Admin, there is now the ability to amend an interactive mark where required and in line with the mark scheme. Click on the question number you wish to amend the mark for, and it will open up the editing matrix: 


    When you've made your required changes, select 'save'. 

    If you require any additional information on accepted answers for the interactive tests for a particular question please submit a support request with the support team. 

    You will have access to the same reports as you currently do for the paper versions of the tests. To access them, click on Reports in the left-hand navigation menu:


    To view the marksheet and access the gap analysis, select Marksheets and Gap Analysis: 


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