GAP Analysis export


    The Gap Analysis reports can be viewed on each marksheet page for all of our test suites, by clicking Show Gap Analysis/ Export.  

    On the Questions tab you can view the average score across all the pupils who are in the class or group – allowing a quick onscreen view of which questions the class were struggling with:



    You can also download a spreadsheet view of the marksheet in a CSV format by clicking Gap Analysis export: 


    This includes the marksheet data as well as the following information:

    • Question facility
    • Percentage of the class that successfully answered each question
    • Average total raw score and percentage the class achieved on the test
    • Strand breakdown:
      • Score per pupil per strand
      • National average score per strand
      • Class average per strand
      • Total available marks per strand
    • Per pupil scores:
      • Standardised score
      • Age-standardised score
      • Hodder Scale Score
      • Performance Indicator

    We have also added a UPN column to the Gap analysis class and whole school export for as an additional method of identifying pupils when comparing their MARK data with other platforms. The UPN can be added to MARK using the pupil import CSV template, manually, or from your MIS.

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