Whole School GAP Analysis Export - PUMA, PiRA, GAPS, New PUMA, New PiRA & NTS


    For PUMA, PIRA, PIRA for Scotland, New PUMA, New PiRA and NTS, you can export all of a term’s results for your whole school in one spreadsheet.

    To do this, select Gap Analysis – School Export from the Marksheets screen:


    Then select the product, academic year, and term from the dropdowns. You can also tick the option 'Disable default term dates' to generate an export with test data from pupils who have taken a test outside the expected term dates.


    The spreadsheet will then be created and downloaded to your computer. Please note - each year group’s data will be displayed on a different tab.

    Please note that the Whole School Gap analysis export considers all attempts of a given pupil for the selected paper. This means that multiple attempts will have an effect on the class average displayed.

    Furthermore, students attempting a paper outside of the test cycle, e.g. taking an Autumn paper in the Summer term, will not be represented in the Whole school Gap analysis export unless you tick the option 'Disable default term dates'. This is because the test taken dates for each paper is a set value that must fall within a specific date range, attempts of a paper outside of this date range may skew the class average.

    Unlike our other MARK reports, the whole school export looks for both the date range and the test paper (Autumn, Spring or Summer), so when you select ‘Autumn’ it ensures it only shows Autumn test papers taken in the autumn date range.  Students who have taken papers outside of the date range will still show in the correct marksheet in MARK.


    The date ranges currently in place are:

    Autumn        -       1st August to 31st December

    Spring          -        1st January to 31st March

    Summer       -        1st April to 31st July

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